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Various Types of Hgh

Hgh Injections:

The oldest form of human growth hormone was an injectable form, and it was illegal except for scientific research. The modern form of that, is now legal if you have a prescription, and is no longer derived from animals or humans to my knowledge. The injectable form was what most of the research was conducted on.

It is the most potent form, and the highest dosage compared to other forms. But it may be so potent that your body's own natural mechanisms for making it (pituitary gland), might essentially say "I have plenty, there's no need to make it anymore", and shut down natural production. So it should only be used if prescribed by a doctor (it would be illegal to use it otherwise anyway). And when I use it, I give my body a break from it occasionally, in order to try and keep my glands functioning.

In the past, hgh injections were the only way you could absorb human growth hormone, which is explained elsewhere on the site. In fact, due to lack of studies on other forms (very expensive and timely), it is still the only clinically proven way to absorb the human growth hormone molecules.

Now, thanks to recent discoveries, an ever growing popular way of enhancing your body's own production, or supplementing, at more natural levels, is either through precursor supplements or sprays, or possibly hgh spray that contains real human growth hormone (I say possible because it isn't proven beyond a doubt that it can be absorbed through a spray, pill, powder, or anything else).

Hgh Spray:


Much confusion and controversy exists around this, because of two things - brand names, and alleged human growth hormone molecular modification (to make it absorbable sublingually through the mouth). Let me explain my understanding of it.

The GH molecule is simply too large to absorb through the mucous membranes of the mouth. Without some other method of getting them through, you won't get any in your body. Some companies have claimed to come up with a way to do that with a "delivery system".

They have said they essentially modify the molecule, or in some other way make it so it will absorb. They then register a brand name for this.

However, MOST sprays/pills/powders that use the word "hgh" or something related, do not contain any real hgh - even molecularly/genetically modified. And the fact is, even real human growth hormone in a bottle, is just that - it doesn't mean you can absorb it.

I have used almost everything, and come to the conclusion that "Behond HGH" is the way to go for my family and I.

I have used prescription injections also, until my doctor told me to stop them recently.

hgh doses:

They vary according to the form, and you're particular case, so check with a physician. I stick to my doctor's recommendation for the prescription, but use more of the spray than is recommended because I am a big guy and figure that I should double it up because of that and my diet/drinking habits (blood sugar levels from eating, and alcohol, dissipate the unstable GH molecule I believe). Also, I've had no reason to think it is harmful to me to take more, and I can afford it.

Even some of the brands that say they contain real hgh (probably because the hgh is so expensive).

There are other important differences between brands though, such as toxicity, lack of testing, and useless "delivery systems".

hgh "delivery systems":

While some sprays may contain real human growth hormone, it can't make it into your body orally - unless there is some new way to achieve it I'm not aware of yet.

GenF20 Plus Pills

Major studies have been ongoing for years on alternative delivery systems for insulin, and MD's are saying we are literally on the verge of an insulin pill and an inhalant that will allow it to be absorbed through the lungs. They may even be approved and available for prescription this year. So if THAT is possible, an oral delivery system for the similar gh molecule may not be far behind - we'll have to see.

I'm no doctor, but I personally believe the spray I use, has achieved the ability to increase my gh levels, or some other element of its chemistry is doing something that creates the same type of claimed benefits. Of course, I may be wrong and everyone I know who uses it is just the benefiting from the most massive great positive placebo effect ever known. Placebo or not, if it works, it works. And other brands and forms I've tried (other than injectable) haven't worked for me, so it seems like if only placebo effect was at work, it should have worked for other brands.

Some brands of hgh spray contend that they use alcohol or MSM as a delivery system. Expert consensus, my educated opinion, and discussions with doctors I've spoken with, conclude that no amount of alcohol, MSM or similar derivatives, will work as a delivery system.

Some physicians now believe that it's not hgh in sprays that do seem to be effective, that provide beneficial results. That's what led me to Beyond HGH.

Some companies are selling alleged homeopathic forms. Traditional homeopathic organizations say that it is impossible to have a true homeopathic hgh formula though. We'll let you know if that ever turns out to be otherwise.

GenF20 Plus HGH

hgh "precursor" supplements:

Next, there are "precursor" sprays, pills and powders. These claim to make your own body produce more of its own hgh. According to my MD, these can indeed help some people, if their body is "up to" producing more, would be the most natural way if it works for you, and is the best way to start before going to hgh injections. Another of my MDs also recommended I try a spray precursor first. Again, Beyond HGH filled that void for me, until another MD recommended injections in hopes of helping heal organ damage I have. Now I'm off the injections again.

I tried other precursors for a while first, but with no noticeable results. But again, I don't seem to be an "average" patient.


Finally, there are the alleged homeopathic versions of hgh. According to one anti-aging longevity specialist MD, Homeopathic only has 1/1600 the of the normal dose, thus is useless.

Homeopathy is also catching on big here. It has moved from health food stores and Naturopathic Doctors, to being found in the isles of mainstream drug stores and pharmacies, and beginning to be prescribed by US MD's.

But as I've said above, traditional homeopathy says that while many things can be treated homeopathically, human growth hormone isn't one of them, because of the way homeopathy works, and the concepts behind it.

We are still looking into these, but so far, the MD's we've spoken with still leave me with using injections, or a spray like "Beyond hgh" as the best bet for now.



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