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Hgh Spray/ Hgh Injections Recommendations & Sources

General conclusions and recommendations:

(You can also read other opinions about HGH, other types of human growth hormone and alternatives from a Stanford Graduate MD and pharmaceutical development specialist, at www.genf20-plus.com )

For it's use in weight loss, read the testimonials at the following diet site. They claim it radically helped their Atkins Diet. The same people also offer delicious low carb foods and specialty low carb chocolates.

If you do your homework, I think you will come to the same conclusions we have. Only real hgh gives you hgh supplementation. My opinion is that the injections are more powerful, and possibly more effective, but as I said, personally I've found that "Beyond hgh benefits" spray does an even better job for me, and since I developed tumors, my doctor no longer wants me to take the shots (I admit I hate shots).

Hgh Injection Recommendation

hgh injections Recommendation

(If your doctor prescribes self-administration, and no particular brand):

Products for hgh injections are available from several pharmaceutical companies. Most come in a powder form, and must be mixed with liquid before using.

Speak to your personal physician about it, or see an anti-aging specialist. We know a few good medical doctors in the field, and even anti-aging clinics. If you like, you can email us with your questions and location for a doctor referral.

Unfortunately, because injectable hgh is by prescription only, thus there are no true wholesale sources for individuals, although you can find some brands at discount pharmacies or hgh spray.

To avoid counterfeit, diluted or contaminated injectable, read the product warning on the hgh injections page. Don't take risks when it comes to your health.

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Hgh spray recommendation:

My family and I now only use "genf20 plus" oral spray and feel that the little extra it costs is FAR more than worth it. But if you and your physician are set on an hgh spray, I recommend ONLY getting it from the genf20 plus oral spray.Com site (click here HGH human growth hormone ) (remember to bookmark the site). It requires no prescription. They offer both sprays at this time.

They offer advantages like multiple bottle retail discounts, wholesale to the public (and small quantities - minimum of 10 bottles for wholesale, 1 bottle for retail). That allows people to do anything from getting a bigger supply cheaper, getting a group of friends/relatives together, or going into business offering it to the public.

Remember, you get what you pay for. (see our "counterfeit" warning page). The last time I checked, prices ranged from $80/bottle for wholesale, to $139 for a single bottle (very reasonably priced, especially for the quality and assurances).

I'd be wary of cheap stuff or ones with ridiculous claims with alleged "studies" that don't name the doctors, where it was done, or what protocols were used. The greed involved in this business is like the days of alcohol prohibition, when people made "bathtub booze" that blinded and killed people.

To avoid counterfeit, diluted or contaminated product, we recommend only the above company. We have actually seen the exact same label, with some other "substance" inside the bottle, being sold by other companies!!!

All the products from www.buyhypergh14x.net offer a satisfaction guarantee.

PLEASE BEWARE, THERE ARE COUNTERFEIT PRODUCTS OUT THERE. Price is one indication. The real product is sold for $139 for a single bottle (less for 3 or more bottles from buyhypergh14x.net). If it is less, especially far less, it may be counterfeit, fake, or diluted. Saving a few bucks isn't worth risking our health.



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