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Benefits of Hgh Human Growth Hormone Supplementation

Reported by Users, Doctors & Researchers:

Gaining muscle and losing fat
Return of sexual drive, potency & pleasure
Losing Wrinkles & Cellulite
More restful sleep - help for insomniacs
Improved mood/sense of well being
Substantially increased bone density
Hair growth/color restoration
Return of youthful vitality, energy & stamina
Improved memory, alertness and concentration
Faster injury recovery
Eyesight, cholesterol & blood pressure improvements

I can't swear by any or all of the above, I just know of my own good experiences, and those of others, in some of those categories. Primarily in the sex drive, and youthful vitality area. I do know that neither the spray nor injections did anything for my insomnia, although everyone I've spoken with swears it helps. I found that self-hypnosis CDs helped that particular problem for me.

For more info by an MD/PhD who uses it, see the www.buygenfx.com site (this MD also has a line of hypnosis tapes and CDs.)

I can say for sure that HGH human growth hormone types is recommended by physicians, and the injectable form has been university tested by the most stringent clinical method - the "double blind" study.

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“hgh is the first anti-aging therapy proven by double placebo controlled studies”. Ronald Klatz, M.D., author of “Grow Young with HGH - The Amazing Medically Proven Plan to Reverse Aging

Who might benefit, who might not?

Obviously, anyone who is still young probably doesn't need it, other than if they have human growth hormone deficiency causing lack of normal growth, or unusual circumstances in which it is prescribed or recommended by a physician.

For instance, my son has juvenile diabetes, and he uses hgh spray even though he's 22 (DO NOT do this if you are diabetic UNLESS your doctor ok's it - I've also heard it can cause problems).

But in general, levels of human growth hormone start decreasing around age 30. Anyone who is deficient in hgh may benefit from supplementing it, regardless of age. You can have your levels tested so a doctor will know your exact situation.

What is hgh ?

“hgh is the first anti-aging therapy proven by double placebo controlled studies”. - Ronald Klatz, M.D., author of “Grow Young with HGH - The Amazing Medically Proven Plan to Reverse Aging”

Human growth hormone is a naturally occurring substance made by our pituitary glands. Many people take it as a supplement, because it is reported to have "Fountain of Youth", anti-aging, longevity, & health benefits.

When you're growing up, it affects your growth. But it appears to change roles after you grow up, affecting immune system functions, longevity and aging. Levels start dropping around age 30, and hgh deficiency most likely begins to occur around that age. Doctors prescribe it for both adults and children when deficiency is indicated.

There are different forms of human growth hormone, see the "comparisons" link on the right. And there are also MANY misleading products that use the name HGH, but have nothing to do with it. Worst of all, there are dangerous counterfeit products. See the warnings link for that.

Hgh Injections

Most major pharmaceutical companies make human growth hormone for hgh injections. Studied since the 1950's, the hgh injections were originally meant for, and developed for, children with growing disorders that involved a lack of the hormone, because their pituitary gland wasn't manufacturing as much as was required.

Then doctors and researchers started studying the effects of hgh injections on health and aging in adults. The research was generally very impressive. But it wasn't going to be available to the general public for quite some time. At least legally.

Because the hgh injections were illegal in the US, if someone was intent on using it, they had to get it illegally from some other country. The FDA approved it for use on adults in the 1990's. But if you are going to use hgh injections, you will need a prescription, or go to an anti-aging specialist or clinic.

Normally, hgh injections are given/taken on a daily basis. Some doctors will want you to come into the office or a clinic to get your injection every day. Others may prescribe self-administration, and teach you how to give yourself shots at home.

But for us, using an oral spray has provided enough hgh supplementation, to gain the optimum benefits of human growth hormone. (with the exception of when my doctor insisted I switch to prescribed hgh injections in hopes of it aiding in organ regeneration.)

WARNING: Apparently, one of the pharmaceutical hgh injections products has been counterfeited - read about it here (this link was valid as of our last update, please tell us if it's not anymore)

Q. Do hgh injections have any side effects?

A. Yes and no. Other than the usual problems with repeated injections, the unnaturally large doses can cause the pituitary to stop producing its own GH.

Q. Are there any alternatives to hgh injections?

A. Yes and no again. Read the rest of the site for possible alternatives.



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