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We weren't involved with anti-aging or longevity pursuits when we first heard about hgh. Our MD called us out of the blue, and recommended a specific brand of hgh oral spray for my husband's general health and immune system.

When I got off the call, I went in to tell him what the doctor said. Before I got a chance, he said, "Did he say anything about hgh?". To our surprise, while I was on the call, he was watching a doctor on TV raving about the miraculous health, anti-aging and longevity benefits of a new hgh oral spray breakthrough! And when I say anti-aging, I mean anti-aging - this doctor was talking about a longevity of 140 years average.

We're “middle age”. I kept getting more wrinkles, "thigh handles" and cellulite. He caught every bug around, and had chronic fatigue that kept him from doing much of anything but staying at home on the computer or watching TV. That's all changed with our discovery of real hgh.

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The day after the doctor's call, we visited a very wealthy (billionaire) elderly friend, and asked if he’d heard of hgh. He was in surprisingly good health, and his mind sharp as a razor. What asked if he'd heard about hgh. Guess what? He was already on an anti-aging/longevity program! He’d been having his doctor give him injections of hgh for 2 years. So we told him about the advent of hgh oral spray.

The hgh oral spray on TV had a money back guarantee, so we decided to try it after researching it some more.

Dr. Klatz, MD, says it's not just anti-aging, it's age reversing. And that's what we've personally experienced too.

After 5 months of using the hgh, my husband lost 50lbs. of fat and gained 20lbs. of muscle - without exercise. He’s become active and vital again (he's started to exercise now), and no longer needs "libido enhancers".

I'm 13 years younger, so I didn't expect much change from using hgh, but I’ve also lost fat, wrinkles, and virtually all of my cellulite (I had a lot). I have lots more energy, and renewed sex drive too.

A friend who started using the same hgh oral spray said her menopause reversed! Then another friend of ours, who's opinion we particularly value and trust, told us of his dramatic health, longevity and anti-aging experiences.

We’ve been using nutritional supplements for 30 years. But most things are either barely noticeable, or you don't really know if they're working or not. I've never experienced anything dramatic like I have with hgh oral spray. Exciting, yes?!

We researched hgh more, read the scientific studies, determined it's safety (a half a century of use & testing). We also discussed the various hgh precursors and types of real hgh, with our MD. We've been on what we all came to the conclusion is the best hgh oral spray, ever since.

Some doctors insist you can't absorb hgh from a spray, but whatever the deal is, we were so impressed with our personal experiences, it was like "getting religion", and we've been "evangelizing" the anti-aging, longevity, and health benefits of hgh ever since.

Since anyone could bottle plain water and sell it for a lot, there are lots of counterfeits and deceptions out there. So please be careful what you buy, and who you buy it from. My husband has given referrals for both hgh injections and sprays, somewhere on the site.

Here's to your anti-aging and longevity!

Oral spray " Beyond HGH " could be a great alternative to hgh for many people.

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Hgh spray didn't exist until recently. Since the 1950's, it has been an "injectable only" drug. The reason for this is the size of the human growth hormone molecule (composed of 191 amino acids). It was so large, it couldn't get into the body in any other way.

The goal of any hgh spray or alternatives would logically be to either stimulate the body's own production of hgh/IGF-1 to match the levels of young adulthood, or directly supplement hgh, bringing it back to the levels we had as young adults.

Thus it would seem ideal for a product to gently influence the physiological balance or homeostasis.

We discussed on the "product type comparisons" page, some of the "precursor" supplements that try to "influence" the body to make more of it's own hgh, including many sprays.

Now, after years of experience, I've concluded that the best choice for me is a spray called Beyond HGH.

I can no longer use hgh injections since I developed tumors. The tumors are not related to the injections to my knowledge (or my doctor's), or any research I can find. But it is "contraindicated" (that means I shouldn't take the injections while I have the tumors).

Also, without a way for oral absorption to be possible, even real hgh in a bottle, is just "hgh in a bottle" - it can't be absorbed by the body.

Some products claim hgh can be absorbed by using alcohol or MSM as a delivery system. I've not seen nor heard of any evidence that anything can deliver human growth hormone through the walls of the mouth - only "claims".

GenF20 Plus HGH Pills

A serious warning - counterfeiters and con artists can crop up whenever there is a hot selling product and a lot of money to be made. It doesn't matter whether it's Gucci bags, watches, or hgh - the lure of easy money attracts dishonest people. Because of the demand for hgh products, many disreputable dealers are selling poor quality or sham products.

Apparently, even one of the pharmaceutical injection products has been counterfeited - read about it here (this link was valid as of our last update, please tell us if it's not anymore)

Also, beware of claims that an hgh product gives you fast results. Hgh is a natural hormone, and while occasionally some people will get results right away, I was told by a doctor that while some people, get some effects quickly, the full effects of rebuilding the levels of hgh in your body take months to manifest, and 6 months to a year for full effects.

And don't be fooled by cost per bottle "deals". Or false "cost per day" claims that lie about how long it will last because they aren't using the recommended dosage to figure the "cost per day". The "per day" cost of using Beyond HGH is very reasonable and costs less than injections, but producing it is a difficult, expensive, time consuming process. As with most things, you get what you pay for.

Beware of "fake" hgh products

Even if a product does have real hgh, if it can't get into the body, it's useless."

In conclusion, talk it over with your MD. But keep in mind MD's are very busy people and it's virtually impossible to keep up with all the latest research and developments on everything, especially "anti-aging" or longevity drugs. So some MD's aren't even aware of the latest developments in anti-aging. It's ultimately up to you, but talk it over with your physician or an anti-aging specialist physician.



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